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Light Source / Power Meter Certification

Most consultants and standards specify that Light Source / Power Meter testing (LS/PM) is the only reliable method of accurate loss measurement on a Fibre Optic link. Unfortunately not many companies know how to do it correctly and properly certify your systems.

At Datatel we use high quality reference grade test leads in conjunction with Bi-Directional duplex testers. We adhere to the Australian Standard for testing, and are constantly upgrading our procedures and training to ensure we are testing to the highest industry standards.

At Datatel we invest heavily in our test equipment, and we are able to completely certify your new or existing Optic Fibre cabling system using our fleet of Fluke cable testers. We can provide you properly certified test results, which can give you the confidence going forward that your network does what it was designed to do.

See below for an example of the test results we keep on records for every job we certify.

fluke-fibre-test-result.pdf (31 KB)