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Precision Air-Conditioning

With a medium density data centre having a power requirement of between 1500w – 2500w per square metre, the cooling requirements can often exceed 0.5 ton per cabinet. This cooling should be delivered by reducing the amount of mixing of the cooled and heated air. The most common method to achieve this is the hot / cold aisle theory, but the industry is rapidly evolving new, more efficient, methods of heat dissipation. Concepts such as sealed aisles, localised cooling, separated Plennum’s and air side economisers are all relatively new concepts that should be looked at to generate maximum efficiency from a new Data Centre.

With this in mind it is vital that your Data Centre HVAC system is designed and installed by an experience, professional contractor. Datatel’s Data Centre experts regularly attend technical training and information sessions to stay at the forefront of technological advancement, so we can offer our customer’s world best practice Data Centre designs.