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Category 5 / 6 / 6A / 7 Cabling Systems

What is the difference between Category 5 and Category 6 cabling? Is it worth future proofing my new project with Category 6A or 7 cabling? Which manufacturer should I use, and do I need my job certified and warranted?

These are some of the questions many of our customers ask us when they are looking at their next communications infrastructure project. There are so many different cabling systems, and regulations cover them, that many end users end up paying to much for a network they will never fully utilise. Even worse is paying to little for a poor quality network that never performs as you require it.

Datatel are certified designers and installers of all of the major cabling systems available to Australian business, and can give you honest and independent advice on the best fit for your next project, now and for years to come. Contact us today and our friendly staff will guide you through the maze.