Infra Red Thermography Scanning is an effective method of locating equipment faults prematurely before catastrophic failure. Primarily used as a preventative maintenance tool, our Thermographic test equipment, and trained thermographers are able to identify potential hazards in Electrical Switchboards, or equipment due to over heating or increases in temperature.

Thermographic scanning detects potential trouble spots in your electrical, industrial and mechanical switchboard. This will save you money by preventing costly breakdowns, and repair bills.

Thermographic inspections can identify temperature differential, indicating potential failure on almost any system including Switchboards, motors, Computer Equipment etc.

Thermography is a non-invasive inspection and does not require shutdowns, or interrupt production. Scanning is carried out whilst operating so there is no costly down time.

The primary objective is to locate and identify any areas of abnormal heating in equipment surveyed on-line/on-load.

Potential problems appear as unusually high operating temperatures, thus causing stress to the equipment. Whilst the equipment may not have broken down yet, it will only be a matter of time. Finding the potential problem areas allows you to plan for maintenance of the equipment at a time, to suit your production schedule or your tenants.

“Thermographic inspections are essential for preventative maintenance programs.”

Datatel Electricians are equipped with the latest scanning equipment and software ensuring accurate reporting.

New switchboards should also have Thermographic Scanning carried out as it will provide confirmation of correct installation and act as a reference for ongoing maintenance and scanning reports.

Datatel can adjust our reporting for thermographic scanning to suit any budget. Some customers just want a scan every 12 months, and a report of any faults, whereas others require full imaging of every section of their equipment, and a report on every image of what action needs to be taken, every 3 months.

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