We work with construction partners and system automation specialists to manage road and rail infrastructure. Our state-of-the-art systems allow our customers to make more informed decisions while optimising their network’s performance and maintenance spend and ensuring drivers are benefiting from the best, real-time information available. Together, we find solutions for the key issues facing road network operators including accessibility, efficiency, reliability, safety, equity and security.

Datatel can deliver a range of unique service to drive efficiency and safety across your transportation networks.  These include:

  • Mission-critical communications, control and signalling networks for transportation and carrier operators
  • Telecommunication-enabled ITS including automated incident management systems and traffic enforcement, sensor (wireless and traditional), transport network management operations, road condition monitoring and informatics, and public safety and security networks
  • Sensor networks to inform your traveller
  • Information platforms
  • Tunnel communications systems
  • Emergency alerting and radio networks
  • Remote-site communications solutions
  • Real-time CCTV security and enforcement networks
  • Research and development into fields of telematics and wireless enabled technologies
  • ITS network solutions