Datatel partners with our clients to deliver projects across Australia. Our proprietary software allows the flow of information for the efficient management of projects, people and communication. Our projects and maintenance teams can handle everything from changing your light bulb to installing a whole integrated electrical and communications network.


Datatel has always been at the forefront of technology, investing in cloud based systems and developing field applications enabling us to provide extremely high levels of service unsurpassed in the industry. Established in 1998, Datatel has a team of over 180 and growing.


  At Datatel we pride ourselves on being professional and easy to deal with, ensuring we put the customer first as we work along side them to get the job done. Our teams and equipment can be mobilised to complete projects Australia wide.


We consider the health and wellbeing of our people to be of paramount importance and are committed to providing a workplace that achieves zero harm. Our ISO45001 – Occupational Health and Safety Management System certification is testament to this culture and gives our clients the assurance that all projects delivered by Datatel will be delivered safely.


Our 5 Star Commitment approach to employee safety incorporates our entire Health and Safety Management system and is the core of everything we do.

The highest critical risks that our workforce face everyday at work or at home have been identified as the following:

Asset Protection

Manual Handling

Working at Heights

Driving & Vehicle Movement

No Live Works


Datatel’s Custom built and Proactively managed Quality, Safety and Environmental Management System has ensured certification of internationally recognised Quality, Safety and Environmental Standards.

Datatel are the Contractor you can rely on to ensure your job is done safely, to a high standard and in the most environmentally conscious way.

ISO9001 – Quality Management

ISO45001 – Occupational Health and Safety Management System

ISO14001 – Environmental Management


Quality ISO9001

Datatel Communications Pty Ltd has achieved certification according to the requirements of Standard ISO 9001:2015.

Environment ISO14001:

Datatel Communications Pty Ltd has achieved certification according to the requirements of Standard ISO 14001:2015.

OHS ISO45001

Datatel Communications Pty Ltd has achieved certification according to the requirements of Standard ISO 45001:2018


Datatel is committed to the health and safety of our people and contractors. In 2017, we implemented our “Switch on to Safety” strategy that focuses on seven key priority areas to drive improved performance:

AZ/NZS 4801 / OHSAS18001 Certification

AS/NZS 4801 is an Australian and New Zealand standard and OHSAS 18001 is an international standard. They both outline strict requirements related to Health and Safety Management Systems. Both of these certifications clearly demonstrate that an organisation has knowledge of, and control over, all relevant hazards that may exist as a result of operations or abnormal conditions. These certifications also demonstrate a strong commitment to ongoing improvement of safety performance.

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At Datatel we deliver high quality work and offer our customers peace of mind by having electrical safety norms of the highest standards.


Datatel is accredited in ISO14001 Envrionmental Management Certification in Australia.

Datatel promotes best environmental practices within our areas of operation through our policies, procedures and attitude to work.

Our team seeks to preserve, respect and manage the environment as well as native flora and fauna. Through regular evaluation of our environmental practices, we ensure our policies reflect the changing operational, environmental and political climate.

Our Environmental Management System is reviewed regularly and annual internal reviews are undertaken to assess the adequacy and effectiveness of our systems. This helps to ensure we meet our legislative and best practice commitments.


Datatel is accredited with ISO9001 Quality Management System
Certification in Australia.

Our quality system enables us to provide our clients with a high
degree of confidence in our ability to deliver the best services to
the highest standards. Developed and refined over many years, our
electronic system encompasses our activities and adapts to each
clients’ needs.


In 2018, Datatel celebrated twenty years in business, and in that time it had established itself as a major industry contributor in many ways, not least of which is the number and quality of electrical tradespersons who owe their start in business to the company.


From the outset, Datatel has been a major employer of apprentices in the industry, many of whom have gone on to senior positions, both within the company and elsewhere.


Other successful apprentices include Cameron Rolfe, the 2016 BICSI Cabling Skills Grand Final winner, and Alexander Baker, Daniel Loreta and Michael Clavey, all NECA Excellence & Apprentice Award winners for 2016.


For Datatel, the hiring and nurturing of apprentices is not just an altruistic exercise. The training centre at Datatel is where the future of the company is assured, Datatel believing strongly that the best way to ensure the company is able to offer clients experienced and highly trained technicians on projects is to grow them in-house. Datatel’s growth has been built on developing relationships with key clients, whilst developing proprietary IT systems to provide real-time feedback on job progress.

2016 – NECA Excellence & Apprentice Awards
2016 – BICSI Cabling Skills Challenge Grand Final Winner – Cameron Rolfe

2016 – BICSI ICT Infrastructure Design Award – Paul Donovan for Wesfarmers Court, Curtin University Project.
2013 – Winner of the Medium Commercial NECA Excellence Award for the University of WA QEII Medical Centre M-Block Refurbishment Project.
2013 – Winner of the Voice/Data NECA Excellence Award for the Mount Lawley Primary School Fire Restoration Project
2011 – Winner of the Electrical Group Training Host Employer of the Year.

Commercial Large Project Finalist
(1st Year Apprentice Category) – Alexander Baker

Commercial / Domestic Apprentice Finalist
(4th Year Apprentice Category) – Daniel Loreta

Communications Apprentice Category Finalist

(4th Year Apprentice Category) – Michael Clavey

Skilled Workforce / Training

Datatel provides the requisite technical resource know-how to manage our clients’ work on a daily basis. Under our delivery model we have strong arrangements in place with our project management team and service fulfilment specialists across our areas of operation. These resources are spread over key metropolitan and regional areas. Central to Datatel’s success is its relationship with its suppliers, providing our clients the right equipment for the right job.   This relationship has been established over many years through one-on-one training, good communication, sharing information on safe work practices and industry changes, and fair and prompt commercial terms.

Datatel has a range of specialist skills as part of the team. These include:
  • Electricians
  • Communications Technicians
  • Fibre Splicers
  • Copper Jointers
  • Riggers
  • RF Technicians
  • Civils Labourers


Datatel is proud of its heritage of training apprentices and growing our skilled workforce from within.  many of our management and construction managers have all developed their skills by starting as apprentices for Datatel.  This work has been recognised in winning the Group Training Australia award in 2011.  To date, Datatel has trained over 140 apprentice electricians and communications technicians, and through our direct employment model, many are still with us to day.  to find out more about becoming a Datatel apprentice visit our Careers page.


At Datatel, we are part of the community every day.  We interface with our customers, the public, our workforce and the environment.

At Datatel we know that building close relationships with our customers is the key to success.  Our brand and reputation rely on our customer experience and working closely with them to align our goals and objectives.  We commit to sharing our knowledge and experience to advance the overall deliver of the project and to help identify and improve the way both ourselves and our customers work.
Managing the public’s perceptions and attending to their needs is a critical element of successful project delivery,  We view all residents and others with whom we interact with the same respect and diligence that we do for our customers.
Datatel’s strength is our people.  We provide the tools, training and culture necessary for the team to succeed.  Most of all, we work hard with our teams to ensure that they return safely to their families every day.



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