For all network infrastructure cabling [link to new page/content above] installations — whether they are part of a system designed by Datatel for you, or we are providing some assistance on your existing installation — we are ready with our experienced team and extensive range of specialised equipment


Because Datatel specialises in both electrical and communications work, our clients know that the expert technicians we provide you have the experience and qualifications to install, maintain, troubleshoot, and repair all types of cable

At Datatel, our experience and expertise in both the electrical and telecommunications fields allow us to see and plan for the bigger picture. We are happy to assist in any project, but we excel when we come on board right at the beginning of a project, at the system design phase, and carry out all the stages — implementation, maintenance, and repairs — right up to the next upgrade. We pride ourselves on working strategically so that one phase of development flows as seamlessly as possible into the next phase. That‘s when you may start to see cost and time savings.


Talk to us today about your projects we’d love to hear about them, and we are ready to jump in to assist you at any stage. We are the right people for the job


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