Datatel Electrical & Communications has been a proud pioneer in the industry for 20 years. We‘ve seen so much growth in Australia, and we love the ability to foster growth in civil infrastructure. That‘s why we also have a division that handles pipe and civil ventures — providing project management and personnel to assist in or carry out work on things like:

  • Trenching, tunnelling, and pipelines
  • Laying cable and conduits
  • Early works
  • Bulk excavation and shoring
  • Infrastructure maintenance/repair

In many cases, it makes more financial and logistical sense for clients to use existing infrastructure and networks rather than start from scratch. That‘s where Datatel comes in, providing safe, environmentally friendly techniques to clear pipes and ensure safe cable pathways


Datatel services the commercial, government, communications, mining, and renewable sectors. Our clients trust us with their construction and engineering projects because they know us to be reliable, knowledgeable, and dedicated to completing jobs to the highest standards. We are fastidious when it comes to health and safety, and we are always committed to providing our clients the best in customer care.

  • Datatel personnel stay up to date with all changes to industry and regulatory rules and requirements — including ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and AS/NZS 4801:2001.
  • We maintain our equipment and ensure it is compliant with all relevant provisions and to specifications, including mine sites.
  • Clients all across Australia trust us for their electrical, telecommunications, cable hauling [link to new page/content above] and civil/pipe work due to our professionalism, proficiency, and experience.
  • We believe in innovative solutions that further our clients‘ business objectives and improve their operations.


Our versatility means that you don‘t have to hire multiple service providers for large projects. Datatel is capable of assisting at any stage or phase of an enterprise, but even better, we can be there end-to-end — from design to implementation to completion and maintenance. What this provides is better continuity and accountability — and peace of mind that your installation or other project is in capable hands.


Our expertise extends to:

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