As technology continually evolves, it is imperative for businesses and institutions to stay up to date with advances in networks and associated hardware.

The expert technicians at Datatel Electrical & Communications are deployed all over Australia to look after our clients’ computer and structured communications cabling installation, maintenance, and repair. With two decades in the electrical and industry, we have been at the front lines in the Digital Revolution and are dedicated to providing reliable, quality service and the highest level of customer care.


Datatel provides solid installation services with regard to:

  • Server racks — including power distribution and UPS’s
  • Structured cabling for outlets, (Cat6 to Cat8 infrastructure)
  • Backbone cabling infrastructure — Including Multimode fibre (OM3 to OM5) and Singlemode fibre (OS1 and OS2).
  • Blown Fibre Optic Installations, as well as traditional pit and pipe, direct buried and internal installation products
  • Cable management systems and Distribution Systems
  • Structured Cabling Design to Australian Standards and International Best Practice


You‘ll get a detailed, post-installation analysis and confirmation of the installation’s integrity, backed by test results and certification to AS/NZS 11801. We also offer advice on network design and selection, as well as conduct testinging, fault finding, and repairs of data networks, cabling, and outlets — complete with any necessary certifications.


When clients come to Datatel long after they have first installed their networks, it is not uncommon for us to need to reorganise communications cabinets. This is especially the case where there has been no proper cable management from the outset, and there are unlabelled and/or extraneous components.

The point of structured cabling is to allow for Moves, Adds, and Changes quickly and with no impact on the operations of the facility. Where there has been inadequate cable management and lack of planning, or the needs of the business have changed, a communications cabinet in disarray can make it an operational risk to carry out necessary Moves, Adds, and Changes. This can add time and labour costs, as well as frustration.

Datatel will come in and:

  • Install the best cable management solution for the needs of the business
  • Identify and label outlets to make sure that field and communication cabinet outlets match
  • Provide your IT department reference documentation outlining the cable management


Upgrades options may include:

  • Changing communications cabinet size to add more depth to support new active equipment, more height to support additional equipment, or more width to support cable management
  • Replacing and consolidating flat patch panels with high density angled patch panels
  • Adding, removing or adjusting horizontal and vertical cable management
  • Replacement of existing patching with right sized ultra-flexible, small diameter patch leads
  • Modification of existing infrastructure and retrofit with modern cable management systems

Datatel Electrical & Communications technicians are fully trained, accredited, and qualified to install, maintain, and repair all cabling solutions — and are dedicated to promoting our high service excellence standards.


We follow all industry and regulatory requirements, including:

  • AS/CA S009: Installation Requirements For Customer Cabling (Wiring Rules);
  • AS/CA S008: Requirements for Customer Cabling Products;
  • AZ/NZS 11801.1 Generic cabling for customer premises General requirements
  • AS 11801.2 through to AS 11801.6 Generic cabling for customer premises
  • AS/NZS 14763.3 Implementation and operation of customer premises cabling Testing of Optical Fibre Cabling Systems
  • Telecommunications Cabling Provider Rules 2014;
  • Telecommunications Distribution Methods Manual


Datatel’s technicians and managers are highly trained, being certified and supported by many of Australia’s leading cabling vendors including:

Commscope Netconnect
Molex CES
Warren and Brown


We install, maintain, and repair cabling solutions anywhere we are needed, such as data centres, government departments, educational institutions, corporate headquarters, industrial manufacturing and commercial retail facilities — even hazardous area environments.


Contact us today and let us get started on your cabling solutions.


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