NBN Co has changed the Australian telecommunications landscape. NBN Co‘s fibre-to-the-node (FTTN) connections run on copper cables, many of which are decades old. For many, this confirmed that even though the world is gradually shifting towards fibre optic and other cables, copper cabling [link to new page/content above] still has a large place in the communications industry all across Australia. At Datatel Electrical & Communications, we have been a major telecommunications constructor of the NBN network for over 5 years, performing services including:

Our communications and electrical experts have been assisting clients with projects of all sizes for two decades. When natural wear and tear and weather conditions damage copper cables, they trust Datatel to fix the network with minimal disruption to their operations. All of our qualified technicians are experienced and familiar with copper cabling and hold stringent standards when it comes to the quality and safety of their work.


Connecting cables via the jointing process has become the preferred method because it results in a better supply of power compared to other methods. Since there are many types of cables, it is important for the technicians to have the right tools/kit and a solid understanding of the differences between the different cables. Whether it be utilising existing copper network infrastructure or installing brand new, our team of experienced technicians can complete both. Having been involved in one of the largest Infrastructure projects in Australia, Datatel have trained it’s Copper Technicians and to be one of the leading Copper Contractors in the nation. The Team at Datatel can handle all of your copper jointing and connections. We have completed thousands of joints and can handle any size cable or any existing joint.


Often with additions or replacements to existing infrastructure, there will be a Cut-Over Required. We are experts on managing the outage on your network, as the technicians complete the work to minimise network downtime. Cut-Overs require detailed planning for success as they have the ability to impact on business operations and residential networks. Our experienced technicians have completed numerous Cut-Overs and know what bit takes to ensure the cut-overs are done safely, accurately and on time. Leading to minimal disruptions across the network and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Have you got Copper Jointing/Connection requirements on your project or within your network infrastructure? Datatel are there to help. Contact us today and find out how we can install, maintain or repair your Copper Cable Infrastructure for you.


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