Datatel’s Certified Data Centre Designers (CDCD) and Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD) address every aspect of a client’s data centre from a physical and functional perspective. We consult with clients assessing their needs and providing advice on the latest data centre trends and industry best practice.


Utilising automated design tools and calculators we can determine data centre power sizing, energy allocation, capital cost, UPS efficiency, overall efficiency, carbon footprint and cooling requirements.


Understanding that customers have different and unique requirements we can package a solution to suit any budget


Partnering with industry leaders like Schneider Electric, TE Connect, Panduit and ASP Access floors enables us to engineer a complete data centre solution from the ground up. Datatel provide detailed analysis, drawings and a scope of works ensuring that all the components of the data centre are considered and signed off prior to construction.

Datatel have a long history of completing data centre construction and installation projects on schedule and within budget. We credit our efficiency to the experience of our design team, construction managers and our qualified build team. Datatel have extensive experience in working within live data centres and understand the importance of maintaining mission critical services.

Datatel has emerged from being an electrical and communications contractor to a fully versed mature data centre design & build contractor with over 20 years’ experience. Datatel’s team are industry experts in the installation of UPS systems, emergency standby generator plants, cable pathways, electrical distribution, lighting, grounding systems, copper and optical fibre installations.


Datatel has invested heavily in providing factory training for our technicians ensuring we maintain accreditations with the following vendors, Siemon, Molex, Commscope Netconnect, Panduit, Warren and Brown, AFL, Schneider, R&M and Corning.


As members of the BICSI and the National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA) you can be assured of a quality installation

Cooling is a component that is equally important as it relates to its electrical counterpart. Both systems need to work in harmony for a data centre to function. Servers continue to increase in heat output; placing continual stress on the mechanical systems with the advent of blade servers the kilowatts per cabinet has soared. To accommodate this pattern shift, environmental air conditioning has gone from flooded cooling to a targeted and contained approach allowing data centre IT staff to deploy high density with ease and confidence without affecting the critical load.

Typical system design considerations include:

  • CRAC units (flooded)
  • IRC (in row cooling)
  • Rear door heat exchangers
  • Hot or cold aisle containment
  • Outside air economizers
  • Fire Protection


Fire poses a major threat to mission critical systems within the data centre not only the obvious damage a fire can do but the effects of smoke on IT equipment is well documented. Smoke and acidic soot causes corrosion and eventual breakdown of components.


Fire protection systems can come in many forms and quite often a combination of various types is the best solution.


We can design, install and maintain all aspects of your data centre fire protection.

Fire protection systems considered:

  • Standard point detection
  • Aspirated systems (VESDA)
  • Gas suppression (FM200, inergen)
  • Fire prevention (hypoxic)
  • Fire extinguishers (clean agent)
  • Dry line sprinklers
  • EPO (emergency power off system)
  • Security & Monitoring
  • Physical Security – controlling personnel access to facilities is critical to achieving data centre availability goals. As new technologies like Biometric identification, CCTV and remote management of security data, IT Managers must carefully evaluate their specific security needs and determine the most appropriate and cost effective security measures.


Physical Security can also refer to protection from catastrophic damage like fire, flood or utility malfunction of HVAC and power systems. Utilizing environmental monitoring systems like Netbotz and EDAC can provide you with peace of mind.
Datatel Security Agents Licence SA42106.


Datatel’s experience in data centre design and building construction can benefit clients that have an existing data centre that may require upgrading or downsizing. Our specialists can carry out an audit of your data centre and provide a detailed report identifying critical issues and inefficiencies.


Auditing services for consideration:

  • Fire rating
  • Integrity of room (pressure test)
  • Power logging
  • Environmental air
  • Fire risk management
  • Grounding
  • Cable pathways
  • Emergency shutdown systems
  • Evacuation lighting
  • Security/access control


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