When smart businesses need a comprehensive new communications network or system, they seek out partners who are not limited in their capabilities. Datatel Electrical & Communications is in a unique position to deliver both the electrical and communications services for any project. While electricians and communications technicians have overlapping areas in terms of training and tasks, they specialise in different areas.

Communications technicians are mainly in charge of keeping the communications systems of a business operating optimally. They look after the local area networks (LAN‘s), do NBN and carrier installations, run tests on the systems, and set up everything from phones to routers and modems. They also upgrade and install communications equipment.


Communications is different from the electrical side, which involves installation of things like:

  • Electrical wiring
  • Power supply and distribution boards
  • Air Conditioning
They also do the electrical plan design pursuant to the client‘s specification and business needs and implement the solutions. The design and the implementation must ensure that the required voltages are supplied to wherever they are needed — but also that the integrity of circuits are maintained. Although these changes could result in modifications to electrical paths and distribution, they must be executed safely and in compliance with the many regulatory requirements, which include:
  • AS/NZS 3000:2018 Electrical installations (the Wiring Rules)
  • AS/NZS 3012:2019 Electrical Installations — Construction and demolition sites
  • AS/NZS 3017:2007 Electrical installations — Verification guidelines
  • AS/NZS 3760:2010 In-service safety inspection and testing of electrical equipment
  • AS/NZS 4836:2011 Safe working on low-voltage electrical installations and equipment

The expert technicians we have at Datatel Electrical & Communications are proud of what they do, and it shows. They stay up-to-date with all the industry rule changes and new regulations. When they‘ve completed their work, they will provide documentation and electrical certificates of compliance with the results of their inspection or audit and attest not only that everything is functioning properly and safely but that all work was done pursuant to all the various rules and requirements. We also conduct the test and tag procedures the industry requires.


The fact that Datatel does more than electrical work, and can help you with your telecommunications solution, means that our personnel can come in and do all the necessary installation and set-up rather than businesses requiring two service providers — one for electrical work and one for telecommunications work. We can come in and install a brand-new communications cabinet — or clean up your current one — as well as provide structured cable management that will promote network efficiency.


Because of this versatility in capabilities, Datatel can step back and really help you strategise about what systems are best for your business now and in the long run. Instead of stop-gap measures and needing to completely rehaul systems in the future, Datatel can plan out upgrades to go along with the longer-term growth plan of your business. Of course, being the ones who installed a particular system works to our benefit — and yours — when it comes to maintenance and repairs.


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