For two decades, Datatel has worked hard to be a trusted name all over Australia for all things electrical. Our clients know that when they need an electrical installation of any kind, we will do it efficiently, safely, and properly — that’s a promise we make both to the client and ourselves.

Our expert technicians install:

  • Industrial/commercial lighting [link to new page/content, supra] systems and fittings
  • Power installations for every space, including computer rooms
  • Back-up power systems and generators
  • Security and alarm systems, including camera
  • Switchboards and sub-distribution boards, including 
upgrades and expansions
  • Energy management and saving systems
  • Eco and solar power systems
  • Thermal imaging (infrared scanning technology)
  • Mains and sub-mains, and cabling
  • Pits and conduits
  • Digital display signage
  • Appliances
  • Overhead to underground power transition
  • Residual-current devices (RCDs)
  • Exhaust and ceiling fans

Datatel personnel also test all their electrical installations, modification, or repairs pursuant to the comprehensive requirements set out in AS/NZS 3000, and will provide the electrical certificate of compliance so that both you and the regulatory authorities can see everything is in tip-top shape. Of course, as accredited electricians, our expert technicians also do wiring and re-wiring. We also conduct electrical inspections and audits and all test and tag procedures.

Electrical Experience and Proficiency Businesses Trust

The rules and regulations with regard to electrical installations are comprehensive here in Australia. They include:

AS/NZS 3000:2018 Electrical installations (the Wiring Rules)
AS/NZS 3012:2019 Electrical Installations — Construction and demolition sites
AS/NZS 3017:2007 Electrical installations — Verification guidelines
AS/NZS 3760:2010 In-service safety inspection and testing of electrical equipment
AS/NZS 4836:2011 Safe working on low-voltage electrical installations and equipment

At Datatel, our electrical experts stay on top of all the regulatory and industry changes so that every job we do is compliant and by the book. That’s one of the many reasons we are the go-to for electrical installations, maintenance, and repair for our clients.


As your business, enterprise, or institution grows, you may find that the existing number of power points is no longer sufficient. If there have been changes in the workspace, some of these power points may not be located in convenient places anymore. Time to install brand new power points.


Datatel also offers the following power point services:

  • Power point safety tests
  • Repairs to existing power points
  • Replacement of power points
  • Power point upgrades — for example, from single to double or adding USB outlets
  • Power point weatherproofing
  • Removing power points

Let the Professionals Do the Installing

Clients of Datatel Electrical & Communications trust us with their power point installations — they are savvy enough to know that installing power points should be done by experienced professionals because:

  • This type of electrical work is very dangerous — and illegal for a non-electrician to do. Undertaking power point installation without the proper training, credentials, and experience could result in serious harm to the person and the property.
  • You need to ensure that the outlet is installed with the same type of cable as is being used by the rest of the system.
Installation of power points by experts like those at Datatel tends to be of much higher quality with more longevity. We know how much the circuits can handle, and we are also able to determine the best locations for new power points.
  • Different devices and appliances are best suited to different types of outlets. We can determine what you need based on your specifications.
  • As industry leaders, we can tell you about all the new specs and technology available — for example, power points with USB ports that negate the need for special adapters.
Electrical work that is not undertaken by a certified professional could be breaking building codes and could void your insurance, meaning that the insurance company will not cover any of the damage to your site and property caused by this ineligible electrical work. This could mean a catastrophic loss for your business.


Datatel has been involved with all sorts of projects — from small to large, simple to complex, and extensive. Clients receive the most cost-effective, continuous service from us the longer we are on board. We know what electrical systems and components are best for what your business needs, and if we are able to install multiple systems, they can be integrated to work even more efficiently and cost-effectively.


Ideally, we will be there at the start of the enterprise and see you all the way through. At Datatel, we’ve got you covered from the design stage to implementation to maintenance, repair, and/or upgrade — we can support your business or institution at any stage.

Whether you are just getting your enterprise off the ground or expanding your services and facilities, Datatel Electrical & Communications is delighted to help you get your business where you want it to be. Like you, we have stringent standards and are committed to industry excellence.


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