When you‘ve been in the industry a long time, you know that undertaking equipment installation to a facility or network isn‘t just a matter of plugging in a machine or two. Since you are attaching equipment to a building and/or integrating new components into the network infrastructure, it is imperative that the job is done right from the very beginning.

That‘s why our clients make sure it‘s Datatel installing industry-leading equipment for them. With 20 years providing electrical and communications services all over Australia, equipment installation is like second nature for us.


When we install equipment for you, we:

Provide all documentation, manuals, and instructions related to the equipment being installed — this way, our clients have all the information they need for future decisions right at their fingertips. If any of these materials changes during the course of the installation, we make sure our clients are properly updated.
  • Inspect and prepare the site of installation prior to the arrival/delivery of the equipment being installed (Factory Acceptance Testing).
  • Oversee implementation of the installation end to end, to ensure that installation, start-up, testing, certification, and handover happen smoothly and safely.
  • Identify and implement any or all equipment warranty conditions.
  • Ensure that all installation processes — and the final system — is compliant with all applicable regulatory and industry rules and requirements in addition to manufacturer specs and instructions. Our personnel also know industry safety procedures through and through and can provide support and guidance to any non-Datatel team members.
  • Test all equipment functions in all operating modes and offer live system integration [link to new page/content below].
Schedule installation times when it would have the least impact on your operations
  • Manage the logistics of transporting the equipment to the site — ensuring that the equipment arrives on time and gets inspected by one of our engineers before being installed (Site Acceptance Testing)
  • Provide orientation and user training to your employees so that they know how to properly use the equipment and maximise its benefits.


Datatel has the distinct advantage of being specialists in both the electrical and telecommunications fields. This is why clients see Datatel as a convenient, cost-effective „one-stop shop“ for all their electrical and telecommunications system installation, maintenance, and repair needs.


If electrical wiring or re-wiring — or any type of electrical installation — must be done to prepare a particular site for equipment installation, our clients do not have to worry about looking for another service provider. We have an extensive cable hauling capacity and can also provide fibre splicing and cabling services. Our ability to affect continuity over all of these processes allows for better design and planning, as well as ease of implementation.


If you have anything to install, you should give us a call. Find out why Datatel rely on us for their electrical and telecommunications needs.


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