As the communications networks continue to evolve, smart businesses embrace technological systems that can work together harmoniously — seamlessly — as a coordinated unit. Even if they acquired the most advanced computing systems and software over the course of years, it doesn‘t mean that the technology as a whole is working optimally. As products become more complex and there are new manufacturing processes, the possibility of human error regarding the processing and collection of data becomes more likely. This is especially the case where there is more than one set of metrics or when the various collection and analysis processes are different

By integrating different equipment and systems and automating, Datatel Electrical & Communications provides value to your business by:

  • Improving product quality
  • Enhancing performance
  • Reducing operational costs
  • Quickening response time


At Datatel, our system integration engineers are qualified, experienced, and innovative professionals who think creatively to marry the different systems. They have a number of different techniques in their arsenal, including computer networking, manual programming, business process management, and enterprise application integration. When all the parts are working together as a unified whole, the beneficial results to businesses include:

  • More timely and accurate collection of data
  • Better decision making based on timely and accurate data
  • More accurate analytics and sound options for process optimisation
  • Product yield increase
  • Reduced amount of scrap
  • Less delay because of unavailable human operators
  • Heightened ability to pinpoint where there are issues in production and why
  • More transparent view of the production processes
  • Better optimised automation.


In our 20 years leading the industry, we have always worked as a cohesive team — everyone has their part to play, and everyone follows through. The bigger the project, the more important it is to move as a coordinated unit so that all steps in the project are undertaken seamlessly 
and in the most efficient way.


Of course, since we hold ourselves to impeccably high standards, our clients know that the job will be done safely, effectively, and efficiently. As a result, you see the very best of us where others must fall apart or lose focus. We offer a range of telecommunications services, including Electrical Installation Fibre Splicing and Testing, Cable Hauling. Equipment Installation, Civils and Pipe Proving, and Copper Jointing, Connections, and Cut-Overs. That‘s how we offer clients a one-stop shop“ for all things electrical and telecommunications related.


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