In the residential context, installing or changing a light fitting may be simple enough for an experienced handyperson to do, but when it comes to commercial and industrial lighting, it is best to have an expert assist with the selection, installation, and maintenance processes. That‘s where Datatel comes in, always ready to help.


Many businesses don’t realise that there are minimum lighting levels and principles required for different types of work spaces, and in our experience many older premises don’t meet these requirements. Not only does the AS/ZNS 1680 series of standards set out the minimum lighting levels, they also detail the required cleaning schedule and relamping or replacement schedule to maintain these levels and ensure the workplace is safe and healthy.


The 2019 release of the National Construction Code tightened up many of the requirements for building lighting, with an increased focus on usage of natural light and energy efficiency requirements.


Many of the requirements of the NCC can be achieved with modern sensors which not only activate on movement, but also sense the level of natural lighting and dim or switch off the artificial light as required. This is often called Dynamic Lighting control or Daylight Harvesting, and has the effect of maximising use of natural light, maintaining a consistent light level, reducing energy use and operating costs, and extending the operating life of your light fittings.


An Intelligent Lighting Control System is the next level in lighting control. These systems are often underutilised, and it is common to see a complex system being used for simple timer and switch control. These systems often have far more capability, including connection of Daylight Sensors, inputs from external systems as as Audio/Visual and Fire Detection and occupancy counting, as well as pre-set themes and conditions.


Similar to convention lighting systems, Emergency and Exit lighting requirements have changed substantially over the years. Not only must a premises Emergency and Exit lighting be designed to AS/NZS 2293, it must be maintained and tested to ensure it operates in an emergency.


In recent times, the technology for maintaining Emergency and Exit lighting systems has evolved to allow for fully automatic and independent testing and reporting. These systems significantly reduce facility and building operating costs, and enhance the safety and reliability of workplaces.


Apart from strict regulatory requirements relating to electrical work, undertaking a complete rehaul or repair of the lighting can have a significant impact on a business. Datatel’s expert team are knowledgeable, capable professionals who do their jobs meticulously. We know how to properly install the replacement fittings, fixtures, and whatever other components may be needed to implement the new design — and whether existing circuits need to be modified or the wiring itself needs to be replaced. Our clients know that Datatel will carry out replacement, repair, or upgrades efficiently, effectively, and safely — and will certify their work and the integrity of the lighting system where needed

Whether you need to install a brand-new industrial lighting system to a warehouse, upgrade the lights in a showroom, or find a more energy-efficient alternative for your office building, Datatel is ready to light your way to better productivity and a healthier bottom line.

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