The electrical switchboard is the centre of the electrical wiring for your building. It is where Electricity is transferred from the Main Supply to the many circuits around the building. Depending on the size of the building, there may be 1 switchboard or many.


Over the years the Electrical standards have improved to heighten the safety of the general public and electricians. What was once may have been accepted, is now regarded as unsafe and illegal. Over the course of time, the quality of an electrical installations can become diminished due to neglect, poor maintenance, damage and age, and these can present a real and unseen danger to occupants.


Datatel have the experience and equipment to complete a full audit of the switchboard through tests, inspections and thermographic scans, to ensure that every possible solution is explored to find the best and most cost effective one. This is why our clients trust us to be their Electrical Switchboard Test and Upgrade specialists.


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