When problems occur with your electrical installation, it can be more than just an inconvenience, especially if they‘re being used by equipment or devices that are integral to the running of your organisation. In some cases, these problems could even pose a serious safety hazard to people and/or cause an electrical fire. We provide the knowledge, skill and experience to make sure your electrical installation is safe and compliant.

Datatel Electrical & Communications are trusted by our clients to ensure electrical installation is safe and compliant. Our clients understand that their electrical installation should be maintained by experienced professionals because:

This type of work is potentially very dangerous — and illegal for a non-electrician to work on. Undertaking any electrical repairs without the proper training, credentials, and experience could result in serious harm to the person, other people, and the property.
You need to ensure that everything connected to or affected by the electrical installation are problem-free.
As industry leaders, we can tell you about all the latest technology available to ensure cost savings and efficiencies available for your organisation.
  • Electrical work that is not undertaken by a certified professional is illegal, can void your insurance, meaning that the insurance company will not cover any of the damage to your site and property caused by non-compliant electrical work. This could mean a catastrophic loss of time and productivity for your business.


Datatel also offers the following Electrical Services:

  • Fault Finding and troubleshooting
  • Replacement of electrical apparatus
  • UPS Maintenance and installation
  • Installation of new electrical equipment [link to new page/content above]
  • Distribution Board Upgrades
  • Street Lighting
  • General Power and Lighting installations replacements and upgrades
  • Safe demolition of existing electrical services
  • Site Audits
  • RCD Upgrades
  • Medical Body/Cardiac protected areas


As with installations, Datatel expert technicians will undergo all necessary testing to ensure that the electrical infrastructure has been properly installed/repaired and is functioning at its best. You can rest assured that your workers can use the installation safely and that it no longer poses any hazard to the people or property around it. We will make sure you are issued the appropriate certificate and documentation to prove that you are compliant with industry and regulatory standards.


Datatel has been a proud industry leader, providing top-notch electrical and telecommunications related services to clients all across Australia businesses, private schools, universities, government departments, medical facilities, and NBN, just to name a few. Our proven track record of service excellence has allowed us to grow to the point that we can assist clients at any and all stages of their projects, no matter the size.


Clients know that Datatel deploys the most qualified, professional, and knowledgeable technicians to conduct installations, inspections, repairs, and fitting so the job will be done properly and efficiently.


Find out why Datatel Electrical & Communications is this country’s leading provider of electrical services and specialised communications.

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